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Understanding The African Black Soap

The Nigerian Black Soap
history & present of the African Black Soap

The African black soap originated with the Yoruba people in Nigeria and migrated to the Yoruba communities in Benin and Togo before traveling into West African countries like Ghana. The process of making African black soap is a time and energy consuming process perfected by artisans across West African villages.

In the production of our own African Black Soap, we worked closely with many of the artisans using centuries old methods to cleanse the skin, soothe itchy skin, reduce inflammation, irritations, rashes, dermatitis, psoriasis, and skin discolorations while evening out the skin tone.

Our range of black soap products are 100% Nigerian and we focused on making that none of our products dry out the skin. 

Black soap, also known as Ose Abuwe or Ose Dudu, is phenomenal for head to toe use; face, body and hair.

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Hope it doesn’t bleach the skin.cos I used d scrub only once n its giving me patches on my face.

Good evening Ifeyinwa, kindly clarify, our coconut sugar scrub with Black Soap gave you skin patches? Also, our products are non-bleaching skin care products.

Good morning to you,what I meant is that I noticed that certain part of my face is brighter than d rest of d face.

Ah ok, and this is with using our sugar scrub? This may be a case of uneven application on the skin; some parts of your skin may be getting properly exfoliated while some parts are left unattended. Kindly correct if I am incorrect in my assumption. To help even out skin, focus on exfoliating the darker parts of your face. Once the entire skin complexion is evened out, make sure to exfoliate skin evenly.

Pls does it help to lighten the skin

Good morning Linda,

It lightens the skin naturally via exfoliation using the sugar scrubs and black soap naturally evens out skin complexion. We recently launched a skin lightening range using natural brightening essential oils; Pigmented Beauty Black Soap with Coconut, Lavender, and Lemon oils. The items are currently available in our retail partner locations; Kuddy Cosmetics, Casabella, and Medplus stores. We will have available online and more locations soonest.

I’m very dark skinned and have acne and dark spots. Ive used almost all the Black soaps in the market and they all darkened me the more and made my skin rough. Is this any different?

Good afternoon Nelly,
Which black soap products have you used in the past and do you know what is causing the acne and spots problem? Good quality black soap generally, is pretty fantastic with clearing off acne problem, the local ones included (the bad bit is that it can be over-drying which then causes the skin to fight back by creating extra oil to offset the dryness…which counters the main reason for using it in the first place). Also be aware that even black soap has fake versions of it in the market too.

That aside, if you are worried about skin darkening problems, our Black Soap with Coconut Oil, Lemon, and Lavender Essential Oils is fantastic with clearing acne and spots as well as evening the skin’s complexion. For better brighter results, use the Sugar Scrub with Black Soap, Coconut Oil, Lemon, and Lavender with it.

I’m dark in complexion, my skin has some discolorations, dull and rough. pease, I want a smooth and a glowing skin, that is considered as black beauty. Please, how to I achieve this?

Pls how best should I combine the two products, I recently bought two of them but I don’t know how to use them

Pls how do I combine the black soap with the sugar scrub? I have the both of them.

Hello! I want to know if it should be used before or after having my bath

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