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"why is my skin so dry?!"

The answer to what causes dry skin is so varied from internal to external factors. Internal factor could be from genetics, age, health, and a series of medical conditions. While the most popular external factors are usually from temperature and humidity. The factors that tend to be the biggest culprits that cause dry skin are:

A big issue we find really is in the type of soaps and body washes many use. Not all soaps and body washes are healthy for the skin.

Even with a naturally oily skin type, using a harsh soap can strip the skin too much of its moisture causing the skin to dry out. And in the case of oily skin types, the skin reacts by overproducing oil to make up for the loss, thus leading to acne break outs.

Whereas with a dry skin, you end up with an ashy, itchy skin that may lead to eczema if care is not taken.

"how do i treat this?"

For those dealing with the external skin drying factors, change your skin cleansing products to mild washes or cleansers that add moisture when washing the skin and won’t strip it of moisture. 

If you must use alcohol based skin cleansers, make sure to apply a good skin moisturizer while the skin is still damp. Our favorite is the Lemony Honey Oil and we apply that on while the skin is still damp from shower.

For internal factors, follow the rule as above and also make sure to hydrate consistently by drinking water regularly or see a licensed dermatologist if our products do not help.

Our favorite is the Lemony Honey Oil and we apply that on while the skin is still damp from shower.

While internal factors like hereditary skin conditions can not simply be cured, it can be managed by making sure to use a mild moisturizing wash like our Hydrating & Even Tone Wash with the Lemony Honey Glow Oil.

With daily consistent care of the skin, you will have a glowing beautiful skin.